I found 3 of my 1st semester 1-week assignments, from 2012, and they still work! An angine, a pathfinding alg, and a renderer!

3. A js software renderer / rasterizer that I later upgraded in c++. Play it right here!

2. A* (A star) search pathfinding with diagonals, weights, obstacles, and a dynamic chase scene. Play it right here!

1. A 2d-platformer game engine from scratch, with unbreakable™ collision, procedural level, and crab bouncing. Play it right here! :P


Right now the About post is the only thing filled in, but I’ll get a postin’ asap!

Finally set up and compiled my Github, Jekyll, Markdown, Hpstr, Static dev blog with many bells and whistles!

It took a little effort to bend jekyll and the theme to my will, but now it’s awesome.