It’s called Voice of God, and the player shapes the ground. We won 3/5 awards in the ITU-Copenhagen site!

Among the prizes we got was a ham and NGJ tickets!

The theme was WAVES this year and we used your voice to make waves in the ground. Roughtly, your pitch (the frequency) is mapped to the screen from left to right (low pitch to high), and your loudness affects the amplitude.

You’re effectively controlling the rolling character via a winamp visualization. The cleaner your sound and the smoother your vocal range, the more effective you are.

We used unity 2D tools, the Animator, a rigidbody pool, and sound basetones and overtones merged into a world position function.

Voice of God page here. Github repo with build here or here. And the original GGJ submission’s page is here.

VoG Zeus yelling
Gameplay gif

It was a lot of fun but punishing to our vocal chords after the 2 days of testing and development :)

A good chunk of the level.
A good chunk of the level. (4 screens wide)
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