More About Me

This blog ain’t super active because, in short, time spent writing is time spent not doing.

Check my portfolio for some projects.

This page has a few things about what I encourage, do, or appreciate.

Here are some cool words:

reason, humour, imagination, talent, equal poise, flexible mindset, exponential mindset.


Here’s what I like:

  • clear but high-bandwidth input,
  • juicy feedback / visuals,
  • unique stimulus scapes through VR design
  • liberating mechanics,
  • emergent multiplayer shenanigans,
  • fanbase meta social engagement,
  • new ideas / approaches.
  • game feel.

A few of the vidya I like, for reference:

Valve stuff, Kamyia stuff, Shadow of the Colossus, Psychonauts, System Shock 2, Gish,
Carmack stuff, Mirror’s edge, Guilty Gear, Smash, Legacy of Kain, Echochrome,
Kojima stuff, SureAI (eg Skywind) Katamari Damacy, Majora’s mask, Thief 2, N++ & Flat Heroes,
Jonathan Blow, Riot stuff, Jet Set Radio, Metroid, Gang Beasts, AVGN Adventures,
Warren Spector, Overwatch, Beyond Good & Evil, Jazz Jackrabbit, Lethal League, Skullgirls.
Also, Titanfall 2, Watchdogs 2, Frog Fractions 2..

Here is a brief list of things I approve of:

You can notice me further at: